Hi, my name is Zelda Bonnet and I shoot weddings of people who never thought they would ever get married. But then they found each other and suddenly all of this became inevitable.

I like to shoot weddings whose guests aren't nervous about what to wear and how to behave. They just really look forward to being with the people they love. Weddings that are a reflection of how the couple would prefer to see the world. Not an orchestrated rose and cake theater, but an authentic day (or weekender, go wild) that shows us that love is turbulent and unpredictable, but totally worth the ride.

Weddings come in all kinds of forms. I personally like the paradoxical ones. Champagne towers on bare feet in grassland. A handmade dress and messy hair in a castle with a drawbridge. Perfect sound systems at parties that look out over a beautiful valley and then voilà: a large table covered with fries. Four course dinners on long dining tables in a farmers stable with holes in the roof and a sudden rain shower, where people take out their umbrellas and just prolong their evening, laughing about it. Fancy hotels and a swim in the lake. Oysters and tents. 

Those weddings. They are a bit like me.

I am located in Rotterdam and shoot weddings all over the world. But honestly, I couldn’t be bothered if the wedding is located at a campsite in Lutjebroek or in a beautiful Italian landhouse. It is all about the vibe. The People. The love.